Masaki Mita


Koto-ku, Tokyo


Head SPA (Massage), Scalp Care

Favorite Hairstyle

Close-cropped style

Hobbies & Special Skills

Too many hobbies (Photography, Disneyland, survival games)

Favorite Artists / Celebrities

Abraham Lincoln, Nikola Tesla

Favorite Color


Favorite Movie / Drama

Operation Love

Your Favorite City or Place?

Tokyo Disney Sea

Your Childhood Dream?

To be a hairdresser since I was in grade 4.

How do You Spend Your Holidays?

Drinking beer at Tokyo Disney Sea.

Your Favorite Saying?

One percent inspiration is better than ninety-nine percent perspiration.

If Today were Your Last Day on Earth?

I migrate to Mars by any means.

Comments Please

Even though I'm a unique person with many hobbies, I love to talk. We look forward to you coming to our salon (^-^;