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Stylist ¥100,000
Assistant ¥50,000 

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How bright is your future?


We are continually accepting applications from new graduates, experienced stylists, and those looking for part-time work.

With this motto: "Approach your dreams with humor and fun!" let's happily work toward our goals.

"I want to make my debut as a stylist quickly and efficiently!"

"I want to improve my management skills as a manager-stylist!"

"I want to be the most popular stylist!"

"I want to suggest custom-made hairstyles for my clients!"

"I want to keep doing my favorite job as a hairdresser while raising kids!"

"In Japan and overseas I want to work for the future from a global perspective!"

As you step up to these challenges, we provide maximum back up for you with generous support and full social benefits.

Representative: Hideyuki Goto

Inc.GRS group
Representative: Hideyuki Goto

Message from the Owner

Approach your dreams with humor and fun. With sense of security, hope, and satisfaction, you can dream to join a vibrant company where you can enjoy employment with stability and confidence.

You can feel safe and secure in your employment. We hope to grow as individuals through our work. In as much as we have grown, we feel satisfaction by contributing to fellow employees and our clients. By this contribution, individual dreams can be realized, such as an increased income etc. To that end, I feel that it is important to nurture "Self-oriented employees" who can think and act on their own. Self-oriented employees can nurture others, they can help subordinates, newcomers, and in some cases even colleagues, based on their own experiences. It is one task of the company president to create such self-oriented employees who can keep working cheerfully because work is fun.

Features of GRS

Practice sessions make effective use of time!


To make your debut as a stylist takes at least 1 and a half years.

Effective use of time makes for an environment where every day you can grow happily toward your goals.

We value human relations as the most important thing.


The staff are all likeable and friendly, regardless of their career positions. They can speak their opinions and freely consult each other about different issues. The staff together work in a close environment. You are never alone! With everyone having fun, let's support each other and grow together.

Possibility of going to work as a stylist from Japan to overseas


We are expanding affiliate salons in Hawaii and New York! A possibility to participate in stylist or salon training overseas! Not only in Japan, I also want to gain experience working overseas! I want to widen my field of activities overseas! It's a great opportunity for those who say so. We are looking for talent who can act from a global perspective.

The best in the area for "generous support" and "full social benefits".


I think that "generous support" and "social benefits" are as equally important as working with "satisfaction" and "happiness". We are focusing on improving different kinds of compensation, such as social insurance and transportation expenses, the guarantee of stable and secure wages, and of course the pay raise system. Our company always aims to give the most generous support in our area.

Balancing child-rearing and work!


Besides delivery and maternity leave, we also pay 2/3rds of your annual salary. Working only until the evening, having weekends and holidays off etc., in this regard we are flexible about schedule adjustments. We support energetic working mothers.

Together let's build your career as a "regular employee"!


Working as a hairdresser is not just a means to make money. From this time on, your wellbeing will be protected by the company. This "Employment stability" is very important. We can care for each client properly. Please feel that kind of joy from now on.


Application Requirements

Job category Stylist / Assistant / Part-time worker / Executive candidate / Manicurist(Experienced only)/
Salary Managers / Executive Staff: 300,000 ~ or manager allowance + complete commission
Top stylists: 280,000 ~ or complete commission
Stylists: 230,000 ~ or complete commission
Assistants: 200,000 ~ (Raises according to skill level)
Stylist (part time): hourly wage 1300 yen~(Trial period) Raise as needed depending on ability
Part time front desk: (Sat/Sun): hourly wage 1,150 yen~ (according to skill level)

Manicurist:210,000 ~
Senior Manicurist: 230,000 ~
Training Manicurist (Salon Manager): 300,000 ~
Holidays five‐day workweek / Paid vacation 11 days
Social Benefits (Welfare) Social insurance includes Delivery and Maternity leave Support system for living alone Independent support system Overseas training recreation
Various allowances Transportation expenses, SG&A allowance, and executive allowances are all paid in full. Skill allowance Delivery / Child care allowance. *For those who have applied for jobs by telephone or web form from this website, we will prepare funds to support you in joining our team.
Contact Us Inc.GRS group Ojima Petit Mall 1F/2F, 1-33-16 Ojima, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 136-0072
To apply via Telephone: TEL 03-3636-8636
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