Salon Manager

Shuetsu Kudo


Tsugaru, Aomori


Short style, soft and fluffy style, and men's hair styles

Favorite Hairstyle

Short style, bob, soft and fluffy style

Hobbies & Special Skills

Manga and animation, sports (especially soccer), going drinking, and listening to music

Favorite Artists / Celebrities

GOING STEADY, BiSH,MONGOL800, Hi-STANDARD, LINKIN PARK, yellowcard, Kazuyoshi Miura

Favorite Color

Yellow and green

Favorite Movie / Drama

Kisarazu Cat's Eye, You Got Served, THIS IS IT, Bohemian Rhapsody

Your Favorite City or Place?


Your Childhood Dream?

To be a sports player, or the owner of a stationary shop

How do You Spend Your Holidays?

Going to Karaoke alone, and walking wherever my feelings take me

Your Favorite Saying?

NO MUSIC NO LIFE・Cool head,but warm heart

If Today were Your Last Day on Earth?

I'd spend time with my family, eat miso-curry-milk ramen while listening to my favorite music!

Comments Please

Please consult me on beauty matters, other matters, even about trivial things. Having fun together, we will support you for a hairstyle even better than you expect.