Miki Hirota




Nothing special. My goal is accommodate each person (*^^)v

Favorite Hairstyle

The best fitting hairstyle, length is no matter.

Hobbies & Special Skills

Reading books, fashion related activities, walking

Favorite Artists / Celebrities

Sarah Brightman, Stephen Dweck, Coco Chanel

Favorite Color

Natural colors (flowers, trees, ocean, sky etc.)

Favorite Movie / Drama

Overseas dramas

Your Favorite City or Place?

Museums, art galleries, and ITOYA (a stationary shop in Ginza)

Your Childhood Dream?


How do You Spend Your Holidays?

Moving around anyways, or sleeping like a log once every second month (-_-)zzz

Your Favorite Saying?

"Special occasion; once-in-a-lifetime chance", "What I am creates what I will be tomorrow", "Persistence pays off", "Don't forget your first resolution"

If Today were Your Last Day on Earth?

With a smile, I'd eat loads of shrimp with my family. (Now I can't have shrimp because of an allergy to Crustaceans.)

Comments Please

I'm naturally cheerful and enthusiastic. I'd be very happy if I could help to create a more attractive hairstyle with you.(^-^)